Black Mental Health Connections Montreal (BMHC MTL) is an alliance of organizations and individuals focused on the mental health and well-being of the English-speaking Black community in Montreal. We help our community by developing and offering services that spark bottom-up social change.

Our mission is to use our collective experiences to empower members of Black communities by breaking mental health barriers and promoting healing through culturally competent education and innovative community care.

Though focused on the Black community, BMHC MTL works to be anti-oppressive in all ways and in solidarity with all marginalized communities.

We are situated on the traditional territory of the Kanien’kehá:ka people, specifically Tio’Tia: Ke. BMHC acknowledges the Iroquois, its confederacy, and its population as  the keeper’s of the Eastern Door since time immemorial.  The land on which we congregate has and always will be a diplomatic meeting place with Iroquoians , Algonquians, Cree, Innu, Inuit and all other nations including Algonquin-Anishinaabe, Atikamekw, and Huron-Wendat.  Being located on land that has been the site of human creativity and storytelling for thousands of years it is our privilege to do so  and we are honored  that we are able to create, collaborate, play, and work  mindful with the 7 generations past, present and future to reconcile wrongs that can be corrected by all settlers, colonists and Indigneous people alike.

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