About Us

Who are we?

Black Mental Health Connections Montreal emerged following a mental health events attended by community organizers in 2013 where they acknowledged the lack of culturally appropriate resources for the Black community. Following that, at a Black History Month event hosted at McGill University in 2016, there was a commitment to the need for a space to discuss and mobilize around the mental health needs of Montreal’s Black Community was named.

Since then, BMHC MTL has worked to overcome the stigma of mental health, make mental health services more appropriate and more accessible, promote mental health literacy, and support personal resilience and a more healthy existence for all members of the Black community.

What is our mission?

  1. Promote a greater understanding of mental health as it pertains to the Black community;
  2. Advocate for increased access to culturally relevant mental health resources; and
  3. Promote prevention and daily care to improve mental and physical well-being.

What values guide us?

  • Emphasis on bringing our community together;
  • Appreciation of our community’s strength and resilience;
  • Recognition of the great diversity within our community and commitment to ensuring all members feel they are valued; and
  • Belief that community members’ stories reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

We have 5 guiding principles:

  1. Intersectionality – A theory and practice challenging reductive or simplistic ways of understanding difference.
  2. Solidarity – Fellowship arising from common responsibilities and interests that leads to shared actions and goals.
  3. Anti-Oppression – An interdisciplinary approach that develops strategies for creating an egalitarian environment.
  4. Inclusivity – The practice of providing equal access to opportunities and resources.
  5. Transformative Justice – A framework that provides a way to respond to harm that doesn’t see punishment as a solution.

For more information on what we do, please consult our annual report here.

For more resources concerning mental health: 

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