We Know What We Need Docu-series

We Know What We Need is a 3-episode docu-series, created in collaboration with Mtl Sans Profilage, a research and action collective aimed to highlight the direct impacts of police violence and discrimination against Black and Indigenous youth and adults in Montreal.

Revisiting Mtl Sans Profilages’ 2018 research report “Le Profilage Racial Dans les Pratiques Policieres: Points de vue et expériences de jeunes racisés à Montréal”, WKWWN wields the voices of those marginalized by biased policing and policy-making and highlights the inherent racism in Montreal’s policies, the racialization of delinquency and contemplates defunding the police as a solution.

Through 1-on-1 interviews with community members and frontline workers alike, we expose hidden biases towards working class and BIPOC communities with emphasis on Black and Indigenous people in Montreal.

This docu-series was shot in November 2021, so some information may have changed since and it will not include more recent incidents of police brutality.

Watch Episode 1 on Youtube and & Vimeo. Stay tuned for updates on Episodes 2 & 3.