BMHConversations are informative content derived from interviewing community members from varying intersections, who advocate for mental health from different expertise levels.  BMHConversations allow us to connect leaders, practitioners,  organizations, and other members in the Black community with each other in a genuine, and vulnerable setting that destigmatizes mental health and encourages healing.

BMHConversations – Episode 1: December 12th, 2020

Interview with Myrlie Marcelin on mental health during COVID in the Black community.

Myrlie Marcelin is a counselor, social worker, activist, and researcher. Myrlie approaches counseling with an anti-oppressive and collaborative lens that recognizes the place of structural oppression in mental health. A link to Myrlie’s compiled list of affordable therapy resources can be found here.

Click to watch Episode 1 of BMHConversations.

BMHConversations – Episode 2: October 9th, 2022

Interview with David Archer – TBD

David Archer, MSW, MFT is an anti-racist psychotherapist with more than eleven years in the field of mental health services. David is keenly aware of the needs of underserved populations including members of the African diaspora (The Maafa), survivors of colonization, and those who have experienced intergenerational trauma.